.004 Realtor Billboard

I was approached by Nikki T. (the model in this shoot)  to create a concept for a realtors billboard. The concept for this shoot was “everyday” business woman, who’s ready to take on the world by storm. She’s powerful, fun, independent and a boss! special thanks to Nikki’s stylist who played a major part in making the outfit work exactly how I wanted it to.

Unfortunately the billboard didn’t work out and the realtor went with a different creative concept than mine. However, I was paid for the work that was done, not as much as I hoped. But still am grateful for the experience and opportunity. The shoot was a lot of fun, Nikki is a great model to work with her. Her energy is very cool and she’s very down to earth. She’s all about improvement and truly gets better with every shoot we do. If your a photographer she is definitely someone you should contact to work with. Hopefully in the near future myself and Nikki can collab on other projects. 

Peace and Love