.005 The Trailer room

Yea I know. Sorry I’m a little late with this post. I did make sure to get it out before the weekend ended. So here it is.  Blog post #.005 

This shoot was a lot of fun for me! shout out to the big home Tobi for bringing me out. This guy brought me out to a show he had going on in the Summer I think last year? Anyway, it was really cool I got to shoot on stage with Tobi and really experience the crowds energy which was super dope, plus the drinks were a nice bonus as well haha. Tobi is a walking gem. He’s Great performer, full of energy, and is always positive. He’s great to work with and be around. Make sure to show some love by checking out his music. One of favourite tracks has to be FYI. The flow on that is crazy.     https://open.spotify.com/artist/0P54cVemq1DCHUfUMlWAoN?si=5CEjOmgLRG2WQVZ_BWuchw

Peace and Love