.009 Magazine Lesson Learned

Anytime we step out boldly to make changes, we take a chance that we might fail. But the only way to get better is to try”- Joyce Meyer
I hope everyone’s been enjoying reading the blogs, as much as I have been writing them and reliving some pasts shoots. Today I wanted to speak on taking chances and really putting yourself out there, no matter the outcome.
In the past I had reached out to so many different magazine companies, I was turned down multiple times and to be honest, It was pretty discouraging.  At a point I felt like maybe it was me? Were my photos not good enough to be featured? Were my photos not magazine material?  Last year, I sent in the same sets to two different magazine companies, one didn’t like the photos and the other did. That’s when I learned a big lesson, not everyone is going to like your stuff! What one company dislikes another probably will and if you really believe in yourself and your work always take a risk. You only get better by failure. For every photo someone doesn’t ten others will :)
Last year I was lucky enough to be featured in two magazines (Frame: Flirt 5 and B.A.D.: Issue 55) both magazines feature Djazel who is very down to earth, has a really dope personality; she’s a real go-getter and one of my favourite models to work with. We got the locations, the outfits and the vibe that we wanted. And I personally think we did an excellent job of executing both shoots.
If you want to purchase one or both magazines the links are below.  

Stay tuned I have another editorial on the way :)
Peace and Love